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Ask Inspired Questions to Get Enhanced Results

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The guest on this episode is Frank Cespedes, who is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School. Frank starts off by describing his definition of leadership and how it is connected to servant leadership. We have a great conversation about acknowledging and closing the C-suite gap. How to ask better questions to use AI to drive the decisions in our organizations. Frank helps us understand that as we rise in an organization we lose touch with what is going on around us inside those organizaitons and does a great job really illustrating what that means. Frank gives a good example of the pitfalls of bringing in an outsider who is a star in a given industry. 

Frank highlights why timely training technology supported by good learning processes can and should be utilized in our organizations. There is no such thing as performance in the abstract, so asking really good questions that will help us get our data guiding our organizations in more informed ways to create better strategies. Good Leadership is crucial for the success of our organizations. 

Frank has run a business, served on boards for start-ups and corporations, and consulted to many companies around the world. He is the author of six books and many articles in Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, California Management Review, and other publications. His most recent book is “Sales Management that ,” & Frank has a master’s degree from MIT and a Ph.D from Cornell University. 

At Harvard, he has developed and taught a variety of MBA and executive courses, led the Strategic Marketing Management program for senior executives, was co-lead of the Sustainable Market Leadership program for CEOs and their teams. He currently teaches Entrepreneurial Marketing in the MBA program, in the Owner President Management (OPM) executive program, and he heads the executive program on Aligning Strategy and Sales.


Frank Cespedes Website:

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