Curiosity About Change Overcomes Negativity

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The guest on this episode is Erika Andersen who is the founding partner of Proteus. Erika teaches us how our history creates resistance to change and provides some great tools for overcoming barriers to transformation. We have a great discussion about approaches to leading organizational change, developing “change-capable” cultures, and avoiding common change missteps. Authentic servant leadership includes aligning practical strategies with human values and Erika helps us understand how to become more curious to do this. As we increase in curiosity, we can face the people around us with insightful questions and increased active listening that will strengthen our teams. 

Erika Andersen empowers executives to drive change. She’s also an accomplished author with several bestselling books, including “Change from the Inside Out” and “Leading So People Will Follow.” Erika brings a unique blend of expertise to the discussion, focusing on practical insights for effective leadership, change management, and fostering a culture of growth.

Erika Andersen and her colleagues at Proteus International, a coaching, consulting and leadership development training firm, focus on leader readiness, supporting leaders at all levels to get ready and stay ready to meet whatever the future might bring. She advises senior executives in organizations such as Spotify, Amazon, Spectrum, Novartis, Revolt Media, CBS Sports, and the Yale School of Public Health.

Erika Andersen – Change from the Inside Out: Making You, Your Team, and Your Organization Change-Capable

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