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This episode features Vikrant Shaurya who is the Founder & CEO of Authors On Mission (formerly and bestselling author of the book “How to Write a Bestseller” where we talk about how you too can tap into your potential to find your own ideas and write a bestseller of your own. Vikrant and his amazing team at Authors on Mission help match people to those that will help them find their authentic voice and we had some great dialogue about this in a way that will get you thinking about ways to do this in your own organizations because Vikrant truly models the way on how to do this throughout his organization. 

Virkant talks a lot about the power of credibility and trust and how that starts with letting his team know they have his trust and ensuring that his credibility is intact. We discussed how to approach the AI tools in the light of trust and ensuring that you keep your brand reputation as a central focus to all that you do as an individual and an organization. Vikrant was generous to share some of his insights into how he obtains so much of his success but it is clear that much of that success comes from the way he empowers the individuals on his team and has helped them to to develop a mindset that they have ownership in the company. This concept has created an environment where everyone acts to take care of each other and the clients fostering powerful servant leadership concepts. 

Vikrant Shaurya is a publishing entrepreneur with a laser-like focus on his own life, who has transformed it and built a company that has become a global success story. He is a businessman and a bestselling author who has devoted his life to helping Entrepreneurs, coaches, experts, and thought leaders reach their fullest potential in business and their brand by writing a bestselling book. This young, inspiring and tenaciously focused book publisher is on a mission to help 10,000 people turn their ideas into bestselling books by 2025.


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