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I had the wonderful privilege to have Rock Ete as the guest for this episode. Rock is the Business Development Manager for Entergy Louisiana, the largest electric utility in Louisiana. Rock starts off the episode by giving us some great background on growing up in Samoa and describes some of the pros and cons of the council system they use on his native island. He talks about how he learned humility, listening carefully, and how to discern what is meant. Rock teaches a powerful lesson by talking about his dad’s oratory skill in contrast to some of his life’s struggles. We discuss some of the ways to be more inclusive with more diverse faith groups and also take on some of the pitfalls of servant leadership. Rock emphasizes the importance of every voice being heard, making sure that people know their purpose, and working hard to build a consensus. Rock closes out the episode going back to his Samoan roots and sharing a great Samoan proverb with us that helps us reconsider going too long in meetings and prepares us to step up when it is time to make a decision because as he reminds us: every leader must be prepared to make a decision. 

At the age of 13 (8th grade), Rock sat and passed a government high school entrance exam program designed to help Samoan school children to continue their education at a high school of their choice in New Zealand. His high school of choice was based on living arrangements with distant cousins/relatives willing to become Rock’s guardian during his high school years in New Zealand. He graduated from Avondale College (High School) in 1989. Rock played rugby during and after high school with my aspiration to play professional rugby for the New Zealand All Blacks.

At 22 years old, Rock chose to serve a two-year LDS Mission in the Hawaiian Islands, Nov. 1993 – Nov. 1995 and put aside his dream to play for the All Blacks. 
After his mission, Rock moved to Salt Lake City Utah, started school at Ensign College (formerly LDS Business College) January 1996. Here, Rock met his future wife Jennifer Ferrell. Rock graduated with an Associates June of 1998 and continued undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Phoenix, and completing a MBA, December 2009. Rock’s professional background has been in B2B Sales and eventually to high level and complex business development roles.

Rock has been married to Jennifer for almost 27 years and they  have four children: Hana (24), Connor (22), Nick (21), Ian (20). They live in Denham Springs, Louisiana. and are active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


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