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It was my esteemed privilege to talk to Marcus Canady from the Canady Leadership Group about his newly released book on this episode. We had an amazing discussion about some of his amazing insights on caring for the whole individual, building trust equity, and a style of leadership he has become deeply passionate about – intrusive leadership. Marcus shares his definition on intrusive leadership and an insights he got from an interaction with Simon Sinek on the term. He also illustrates how this leadership style  challenges the leader to get to know people on a deep level to push each person beyond their own comfort zone. We discuss how intrusive leadership combines well with servant leadership as it focuses on the needs and characteristics of each individual while digging even deeper. Marcus has a gift for teaching tough topics with an ability to reach the masses in a way that sinks in. After you listen to this episode you will realize why his new book is a must have for every leader! 

Marcus Canady is a proven and tested leader that has impacted the lives of hundreds of individuals in the public and private sector. Having personally benefitted from engaged mentorship and dedicated leadership, he has researched and presented on various leadership topics across the country. Through his designed training sessions,  featured keynote addresses, and his participation on numerous discussion panels, Marcus Canady has reached thousands. Well known for his expertise on Intrusive Leadership, he has published the first-ever leadership book solely dedicated to this impactful leadership style. In Intrusive Leadership: How to become THAT Leader, he defines, dissects, and discusses the impacts of what he often describes as “the most critical leadership style for the future.” This book has received great reviews from senior military and corporate leaders.

Marcus Canady, raised in Savannah, GA, graduated the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 2000 and spent over two decades on active duty. He mainly served as a MH-65 helicopter pilot and completed lifesaving missions on the high seas as well as responding to significant weather catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina. He also successfully completed counter-narcotics missions, helping to interdict over $250 million of illegal contraband and arresting numerous narco-terrorists. His last aviation assignment was at Coast Guard Air Station Houston, TX where he served as the Commanding Officer. Marcus Canady has earned advanced degrees from Duquesne University, Syracuse University, and the prestigious National War College in Washington, DC.

In 2023, Marcus Canady founded the Canady Leadership Group. This leadership consulting firm specializes in leadership development and coaching for first line managers to senior executives, creating impactful leaders that people trust and admire. He is happily married to Angelisse Canady and has three amazing children.

Marcus A. Canady – Intrusive Leadership: How to become THAT Leader

Canady Leadership Group 

Donate the book to military members (all branches) sponsored by Coast Guard Alumni Association 

Marcus A. Canady – Racial Tension in America Requires Intrusive Military Leadership

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