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Jennifer Ete voiced her observation that she had started to recognize that many people had begun to stop dreaming. Since that discussion I have had ample time to consider those profound implications and have had a couple opportunities to tall to some youth groups and team building forums about the importance of having dreams in our lives. I am so thankful that Jen brought this important gap to the forefront on the podcast and that we made the invitation about being intentional about conceptualizing your dreams and getting them down on a tangible surface. Jen said one of her mentor’s always said you have to “think in ink” and I love this guidance so much.

When we write things down, draw them, or do whatever it takes to spark our creative process it helps to empower our dreams to begin to transition them into reality. Conceptualization is a characterization of servant leadership and one that Larry Spears refers to as helping the people around us dream big dreams. The dreaming process is vital to servant leadership and inspiring curiosity, creativity, and hope in the people around us. I invite you to be more intentional about thinking in ink about your dreams and considering how you invite others to empower their dreams into reality. Don’t be a dream crusher, you can be a realist that helps mold those dreams without sucking the wind out of the sails of those dreams, if you learn to harness the individuals of each of the members of your teams.

This video by Steve Harvey has some great thoughts about how to start moving your dreams into reality:

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