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Expand Capacity & Unleash the Power of Dreams

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I am excited to announce the guest on this episode is Jennifer Ete – Investment Advisor who has been in financial services for 18 years and in leadership roles for over 40 years. Jen shared some experiences regarding some great volunteer work she did to bring the affordable advanced educational opportunities of  BYU pathway to Louisiana and how she works with families to expand their financial resources. You will notice a theme in everything Jen does – she is always trying to help people become better. Jen also talks about how she has observed how people have stopped dreaming and she teaches us ways that we can take individual steps to help people reignite their dreams and lead them towards success. We talk about creating a culture that allows us to learn from our mistakes and create increased curiosity with ourselves and others so we can approach the world around us with more authenticity to get and give the help we all need. This episode is sure to spark some creativity in each of us that gets us thinking more deeply about how we approach the people around us and how we encourage or diminish their capacity to dream great dreams. 

Jen has always been different. As a teen, her classmates were focused on grades, sports, scholarships and the next party. Her heart gravitated towards learning how to help people feel important. She has always been passionate about protecting those that don’t know how to protect themselves…yet.

Jen chose a profession in financial services because she felt that the best way she could help families stay together and be happy was to teach them how to be self-sufficient and take care of themselves. She learned that when people have money; their bills are being paid on time, and there’s extra in the budget, there’s not too much to stress about in life. The families who are most interested in getting to that point are Jen’s favorite to work with. Jen is often recognized at every company convention and asked to speak in training meetings, because, so often, she is number one in multiple categories in multiple states. Jen attributes this success to her trust in the Lord and not because of anything special she does. 

Jen has a deep conviction that this level of success comes to her only because she seeks the Lord’s help before, during, and after every single appointment. Jen figures that if the Lord wants families to be self-sufficient and happy, then He’ll gladly guide her to know how to best help each individual in the way that’s best for them if she simply asks. Jen’s family from Louisiana, but she spent her teen and young adult years in Pennsylvania due to dad’s work. Jen served a mission in Tokyo, Japan for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is the mother to four and wife to Rock Ete. 


Jennifer Ete – Primerica 


BYU Pathway

Steve Harvey – Write Your Vision 

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