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It was so refreshing chatting with Mike Lanpolsaen from Warrior Scholar Project on the most recent episode of That ALL Might Be Edified: Discussions on Servant Leadership. The programs that they are focused on are primarily focused on helping enlisted service members and veterans finish their undergraduate degrees, but there have been some themes that have resonated deeply with me that I wanted to highlight them this week. One of those themes is that the Warrior Scholar Project works to build an amazing culture that builds lasting confidence in everyone who participates. This goes well beyond the person who receives the services. I think of the partnerships that are built with the institutions, the professors, the past participants, and so many others. This entire program fosters the creation of confidence and building upon that confidence over and over again. We may work in completely different arenas, but this is a principle that can have awe-inspiring implications in our worlds of work if we will consider how apply these principles.

Once again, I forgot to issue a challenge during this episode, but I am glad I forgot because it gave me time to reflect more on the content of this episode. I want to invite all of you to listen to this episode again, but to do so with ears and hearts tuned to listen for ways to reflect upon how you build confidence in those around you and in your organizations. As you do so, you will see that Mike gave us several great thoughts to build upon in this episode and to take back to our world of work, social circles, and families (Ohana) to foster an environment more conducive to building up each other’s confidence! Listen on Spotify at or on this embedded player below.

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