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Traditions Can Help us Enhance our Leadership

I noticed when I was chatting with Len on the most recent episode that he didn’t respond to my mention of General Krulak. For a minute I wondered if I said something wrong, but the conversation went on smoothly and I filed it in the back of my mind to bring it up later to make sure that I wasn’t driving the conversation into a bad area for the guest. Before I could even circle back to Len, I had a chance to discuss the episode with Samson Cantu who had introduced me to Len and he told me about a tradition amongst Marines that I found very insightful and wanted to share it. Listen to full episode with Len at

Samson informed me that Len and he had talked about how they had noticed how Marines often remembered and spoke highly of the Commandant of the Marine Corps when they entered the Marines. He didn’t know if this was an official tradition but it was something they had both observed very often. I think this is a wonderful tradition that helps us highlight the characteristics of great leaders and also helps us keep the leaders ahead of us accountable. I mentioned General Krulak because I was familiar with him, but it so happens that this was Samson’s General, so Len might’ve thought Samson put me up to it as us service members are often known for pulling pranks on each other. To honor Len and General Gray I wanted to share a video of both generals.

I also noticed I forgot my customary challenge this week, so we can remedy that this week and you all can join in some friendly debate against battle buddies and help them look for reasons that their general is a better leader or as they say “my general can beat up your general” and we can learn how to look for great characteristics in those who have gone before us so we can model the way for those who go after us.

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