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Alicia says she likes to make things light intense not heavy intense and that she tries to “bring levity through possibility” and I just loved this idea. She elaborated that she honored the hard things that people go through, identifying their own unique challenges, and then asks them what else is really possible? I could tell that Alicia believes in possibilities and it was more than just a word to her. She truly wants to help people reframe their realities and help them see a new way of thinking. When Alicia describe the word possibility she lit up and lifted up and it inspired me to think of my own possibilities in new ways.

As I thought about this concept even deeper, I drifted back to my childhood and when things got really tough at home, I would escape to the playground, go to the swings for hours and just swing thinking about what was possible. The swings became sacred because I could clear my head and think about a world beyond my own as I rose into the sky. Alicia also points out that we can’t daydream our realities into existence, and she takes an approach that helps us reduce our stress introducing practices reminiscent of my childhood swinging where we can stop and think about what matters to us.

Alicia’s powerful use of her core values and vision to keep the limiting voices at bay in her life is a great example for us increase our own levity. As as we discussed the pitfalls of comparison it helped me understand how limiting beliefs and voices can keep us on the ground stopping us from being lifted up to our own possibilities. We can approach the difficult challenges of our life and take on those limiting voices by asking ourselves what truly is possible and ensuring it is grounded in our core values.

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