Happy International Women’s Day

Gloria Steinem declared this beautiful thought: “Don’t think about making women fit the world – think about making the world fit women” I have been so privileged with the influence of amazing women in my life who have had a profound impact on my, but I am not naive to the fact that the we do not hear enough of their voices because we do not empower these amazing women enough, nor do we always provide an avenue that allows them shine. I look forward to having Alicia Wolfe on the podcast later this month and I will add an embedded layer of a different podcast she was on so you can get a sample of her voice below so you can hear more from this amazing woman. I also look forward to share the voices of other amazing women!

It was so amazing to have the opportunity to amplify the voices of these nine women pictured above in my small way and I hope you you will listen to their voices and learn more of the incredible things they are doing with links to episodes on Podbean listed. Moving from right to left and top to bottom, they are:

Andrea Davis – President and CEO of The Resilience Initiative (https://thatallmightbeedified.podbean.com/e/our-greatest-resource-is-humans/),

April Rice – Former Director of Upward Bound at Tulane University (https://thatallmightbeedified.podbean.com/e/get-into-the-arena-of-life-let-greatness-happen/),

Shanna Farmer – CEO and President of United Way of Pueblo County, CO (https://thatallmightbeedified.podbean.com/e/leading-the-leader-within/),

Ann Springer – Professor at BYU Hawaii (https://thatallmightbeedified.podbean.com/e/build-a-better-future-by-building-bridges/),

Nailah Blades Wylie – Life and Leadership Coach (https://thatallmightbeedified.podbean.com/e/leadership-flows-in-all-directions/),

Alex Mestres – Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist (https://thatallmightbeedified.podbean.com/e/people-need-to-be-accepted-recognized-for-their-special-unique-spirits/),

Kasey Arguelles – Executive Officer of the Coast Guard Pacific Strike Team (https://thatallmightbeedified.podbean.com/e/know-what-you-are-juggling-who-can-help/),

Cathy Cavanaugh – Chief Experience Officer and Research Scientist of the Lastinger Center for Learning at the University of Florida (https://thatallmightbeedified.podbean.com/e/create-a-space-that-fosters-collegiality-collaboration-great-dialogue/), and

Lori Mage – Life and Leadership Coach (https://thatallmightbeedified.podbean.com/e/overcoming-false-summits-and-recognizing-your-shadow-mountains/)

These episodes can also be found on any of your favorite podcast sites under the show That ALL Might Be Edified: Discussions on Servant Leadership. The link to Spotify for Alicia’s podcast is https://open.spotify.com/episode/4apmR1M6fBkZ6JCOKZY8EW?si=e8f5d05e181b4839

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