You Want a Leader Who is a Servant

Desmond Tutu provides some fantastic examples of Servant-Leadership in this YouTube video and also talks about why it is important to have a leader who is also a servant. I have a deep respect for him and thought of this video when I was thinking of the content that Alex Mestres shared with us because she works very hard to serve the deaf and hard of hearing community. She works to build up the community and also to educate all she comes in contact with about the challenges faced by that community while looking for opportunities to create resources for people to build and bridge communities together. The dialogue that she opened up to us goes so far beyond the impact of the work she does with the deaf and hard of hearing community. It can help each of us broaden our communication practices in so many forums and this is just one example of the great work that she does to follow the example that Desmond Tutu highlights so beautifully in this video about the need for leaders to also be servants. For more great insights from Alex listen on Google Podcasts @ or listen on this embedded Pocket Casts Player.

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