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Use Your Voice to Amplify Other People’s Voices

Amanda Gorman is one of my heroes who I am proud to amplify her voice. I have been so inspired by her over and over again and I stumbled upon this amazing TED talk with her in it and absolutely loved it. I completely agree with her that we have to be willing to hear the voices of those around us and work to build an environment that allows for the complete expression of their entire voice. We can also work to honor the people whose shoulders we stand upon by amplifying the voices of others. If the environments we are in minimize the voices of others, then we can lift those voices up upon our shoulders and allow them to be echoed all around us to create a mountain of hope for more people just like Amanda inspires us to do.

I also had the amazing opportunity to interview some amazing leaders through this podcast and I would like to amplify some of their voices too. Marcus Boyd talked about the power of having challenging conversations and crucial conversations @, Nailah Blades works with women of color to help them shine authentically in all aspects of their life and gives more insights @, Tamrat Negera shares his love for Nelson Mandela @, Thero Mitchell teaches us how to be more deliberate in how we invest our time and energy @, & Lushan Hannah teaches that we need to intentionally include or we unintentionally exclude @ ALL of these are voices worthy of emulation and sharing so I hope you listen and learn from these great leaders.

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