Harness Adversity & Learn From It

Rocky shared with us that a psychiatrist told him that two things could happen from the trauma he experienced in captivity; he could keep it inside and break from it or he could harness it and learn from it. Each of us faces adversity in our lives and we can use this lesson that Rocky shares with us to harness the adversity of our lives as a learning opportunity and look back on what we have overcome to remind us of what we are capable of.

Listen to more great insight from Rocky and examples of how he harnesses his adversity on Google Podcasts @ https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkLnBvZGJlYW4uY29tL3RoYXRhbGxtaWdodGJlZWRpZmllZC9mZWVkLnhtbA/episode/dGhhdGFsbG1pZ2h0YmVlZGlmaWVkLnBvZGJlYW4uY29tLzUxOWNlMTllLTU3NzktMzhhMC04OGYxLWRhYzNjY2Q3NGZkYQ?sa=X&ved=0CAcQkfYCahcKEwjgosXK98T8AhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQNQ or just listen below on Pocket Cast

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