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Help Them Move Forward in Their Moments of Crisis

Rocky Sickmann shared that he didn’t give up during his time of captivity and he isn’t going to give up ever until he is put in the grave. He uses the sacrifice of those who lost their lives as motivation to help get scholarships for the dependents of fallen and disabled service members with all his heart. This example motivates all of us to execute at the best of our abilities and to use the sacrifices of others as motivation to help others in their moments of crisis. Rocky and many others work diligently to help others in supporting Folds of Honor. The Folds of Honor mission is To stand in the financial gap of the more than one million dependents adversely affected by war, providing educational scholarships to the children and spouses of those killed or disabled while serving our nation. Rocky taught us so beautifully that you can join the Folds squadron for as little as $13 a month because this number symbolically represents the 13 folds of the flag that is presented to the family of the fallen service member.

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You can learn more about and donate to Folds of Honor at–dBhABEiwAchIwkaCYxrNv8HIqRXQQqeLVKYk55U4JhqYkfcKisVlveBqhIGhZxu-APRoCGjoQAvD_BwE

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