Create a Never Ending Cycle of Great Leaders

This episode’s guest is Tua Bayden Va’ai and is joining us all the way from New Zealand. Tua shares a Samoan proverb with us that teaches that the pathway to leadership is through service and how the legacy of his school taught him to value that philosophy. We talk about ways to let the spotlight shine on others and how to be mindful of cultural influences, especially dominant cultures to ensure that minimized cultures can shine more brightly. Tua is an example of someone who works to uplift, encourage, and support the people around him and shared some ways he served the people of his community during the COVID pandemic and lessons he has learned from Rugby along the way. Tua was born and raised in Wellington, NZ. Youngest of 3 boys and went to Rongotai College. His favourite sport is Rugby 🏉 and his favourite food is brisket. Tua served a full time mission in Alaska and I currently just accepted a job with a company called carpet corp in New Zealand as an operations coordinator. He loves serving others and the satisfaction he receives when he gives of his time willingly. Resources: Israel Adesanya Speech on Tall Poppy Syndrome Self Reliance Program – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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