Nothing Worthwhile Comes Easy

Robert Duran relearned a lesson when he had to change up his first assignment in the Navy to be eligible for the Whitehouse Communications team. This change took him further away from home and required deploying but he also got to take of from an aircraft carrier and eventually got to experience a rewarding assignment with the Whitehouse team. He said he tries to face these challenges with an open mind, learn all he can from them, and improve what he can. With this formula he believes you can’t go wrong. I agree with him and I have learned the value of this approach. I was selected and directed to deploy to Mexico despite responding to Hurricane Ida. I had a lot going on and that deployment did not fit my life plan at that moment. I applied a similar approach to what Robert mentioned and I had the most rewarding experience of my career. It was tough, but just like most challenging things, it was definitely worth it.

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