Learn to Love Learning

Robert Duran, a great shipmate and one of my first roommates from my earliest Navy training is the guest on this episode. Robert shares some great insight in developing an improvement mindset and fostering a fun environment. Even when challenges arise, Robert’s philosophy is to go in with an open mind, learn from it, and work to improve the area you’re in and when you do this you can’t go wrong. Robert talks about how his mentors have impacted him and how he works to mentor others, always committing others to return the favor and help others because people are the most important ingredient in any organization. Robert shares how he has learned that nothing worthwhile comes easy. Sometimes you have to drop before you can rise and somethings don’t sound like they will benefit you, but when you work to follow Robert’s example, any situation and experience can be benefit you. 
Robert is a Tucson, AZ native. I lived in Tucson until he was 17 years old when he joined the United States Navy (USN) as an Electronics Technician. His first assignment out of Navy training was to work on navigational radars on the USS John C Stennis (CVN74). His next command was the White House Communication Agency where he supported the United States (US) President, US Vice President, US First Lady, US Second Lady, and US Secret Service in communications. He completed 7 years in the USN and then  moved back to Tucson where he worked for the City of Tucson as a fire sprinkler inspector for about a year. Then he started a new adventure at Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS) as a Configuration Manager (CM). He worked for Raytheon for 13 years before joining Arete’ Associates as a CM in January 2022.
He is married to his wife Johanna and they have three children. They also have two dogs, (Australian Shepherds).
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