Put Your Fish on the Table

Darren shared some advice he got from one of his leaders about how important it is to have crucial conversations. Far too often people avoid these challenging and uncomfortable conversations, but not having these conversations can cause bigger problems. Darren’s advice compared this to rotting fish. Rotten fish has a very strong putrid odor and the rancid smell is noticeable even when you can’t see the cause. This is the same to problems in the workplace, people know when something doesn’t smell right even when it isn’t out in the open. These smells can be caused by a wide range of issues including organizational or personal problems, toxicity, discrimination, abuse of any form, challenges, and when the actions don’t measure up to the company culture among many others. The smell is usually stronger to those impacted by the situation and that is why it is important to communicate with your team to discover those loathsome smells at the earliest possibility. By having those conversations, you can put the fish on the table and decide what to do with it to best minimize the noxious environment in your workplace. Leaving the fish undiscovered only allows the smell the fester and for increased pollution in your environment.

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