Good Leaders Produce Great Leaders

Marcus Boyd is the guest on this episode. Marcus shares some great insight on having challenging and crucial conversations while displaying his nature as a servant leader in his examples. Marcus talks about the power of being aware and especially self aware and we discuss how important this attribute is to servant leadership. He talks about one of his leadership mentors and how he learned the value of communication. Throughout the episode, Marcus displays his philosophy to start with heart in his discussion, example, and insights. He reminds us that if we are passionate about something we will find a way to do it and he is passionate about creating an environment that makes it hard for people to want to leave his organization.

Marcus Boyd is an active duty Coast Guard Officer currently serving in the Los Angeles – Long Beach area. His role is Assistant Chief of Waterways Management and Diversity and Inclusion Change Agent.  

He enlisted in the Coast Guard in 2006 as his father praised their missions and ability to pay for college. His favorite assignments include BASE New Orleans where he was awarded Enlisted Person of the Year in 2013 and Recruiting Office Tampa where he was awarded Active Duty Recruiter of the Year in 2018. His passion in recruiting came from noticing the lack of credibility for the Coast Guard in under privileged communities. He aimed to build relationships to ensure as many people as possible were educated on the unique opportunities of joining the CG. These assignments provided a greater desire to serve and he eventually accepted a commission at Officer Candidate School where he was awarded the Commandant Leadership Award upon graduating in March of 2020. 

He spent much of his childhood moving to new cities due to being raised in a military family. These cities include, Monterey, CA, Jacksonville, AR, Fort Hood, TX, and Rochester, MN. This is where he gained a love of travel, seeing live sporting events, good food, and meeting new people. Constantly being the “new kid” gave him a greater sense of humility to survive in changing environments and a desire to take care of those around him. In 2015, he fulfilled his initial goal when joining by receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from Loyola University New Orleans. He’s married to his beautiful wife, Ellen and they have two children, Myla and Mars.


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