Help Other People Believe in Themselves

I am joined on this episode by Abraham DeWeese, who true to the title of this episode helped me believe in myself enough to start this podcast and has been instrumental in helping me believe that I should keep it going. We talk about some of the historical influences of servant leadership while slipping in some conversation about sports and its applicability to servant leadership. We even managed to make a couple of nautical references while pulling some stories from our past. Abraham is an individual who is dedicated to helping others and is someone who really walks the walk when it comes to putting people first. Abraham gives us some great insight into why servant leadership is a great model to institute in any organization and lifestyle to help more people believe in themselves. 

Abraham DeWeese; he is a cool hep cat. By day he helps k-12 educators learn how to use Microsoft Products to solve problems in the classroom via the Learn Educator Center:  Educator Center Overview – Microsoft Learn Educator Center | Microsoft Docs and by night he is a sports podcast presenter for the Seattle Sports Union: Seattle Sports Union – United in support of Seattle sports

Abraham has a couple decades of technical communications and project management under his hat, but gets a perverse thrill out of helping out others with personal projects including helping friends launch a psychic radio program, a photography studio, a web app for bars, and even gave a slight push to get this podcast started. Abraham says “slight” but I say a major push and some personalized training and coaching. 

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