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Recognizing People Helps Nurture Their Tremendous Capacity

Rulon McKay talked about how important it is to recognize people to let them know that you appreciate them for their individual contributions and that recognition is part of the development process. He talked about how he has learned that recognition is best when it follows the four S model; keep it simple, specific, sincere, and spontaneous. We talked about the danger of an overly bureaucratic process and how it can cause more harm than good. Rulon also mentioned how just giving people the opportunity to present their own material can be a way of recognizing them and displaying a greater degree of trust in them. He also talked about how being specific with our praise helps people know more clearly what behavior or actions to emulate. Our discussion led to a some deeper questions about how to make recognizing people a part of our normal processes and cycles so that we could be more intentional about how and when we show our appreciation for the people around us while still holding true to the need to be spontaneous.

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