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When We Don’t Empower People, We are Robbing Them

Michael Lavoie emphasizes the importance of knowing the skills that you need and putting the right people in the right place while being adaptable enough to make required changes along the way. He teaches us that It is important to empower people so you can prepare for the future and a failure to empower the people around you robs them of opportunities. We owe it to the members of our teams to build an environment that brings out the best in them and when we don’t do that, we are essentially stealing from their potential. Michael reminds us that a servant leader’s number one goal Is helping people grow. A good leader needs to be okay letting others around them shine and get the praise for good work. Michael shares an analogy about parenting to display how when someone doesn’t perform up to an expectation, a good leader looks inward to question whether they contributed to the unmet expectation. We both share our love for serving others and how that helps us learn greater empathy. 
Michael Lavoie is a Regional Vice President of Sales at Uniti Fiber specializing in telecom sales management, strategy development, and organizational execution with team development. He is a business professional with strong interpersonal skills that builds high-performing teams over the last 25 years. A demonstrated sales leader, with a strong focus on delivering consistent award-winning results aligned with key business initiatives. He has a precise understanding of solution selling in the competitive business environment and possesses an in-depth understanding of emerging strategic technologies along with their commercial applications which results in delivering mission-critical results. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Central Florida and an Master of Business Administration from Western Governors University. He also serves in a volunteer capacity as an Area Welfare Specialist focusing on Disaster Relief for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and has over 20 years of experiencing in organization disaster relief following hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding. 
For the past 20 years, assisted in organizing disaster relief after hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding. Organizing command center staff to direct work teams in the crisis area, formulating plans to assist the public cleanup physically and spiritually after a major disaster. Ongoing contributor and developer of an amazing tool created by Aaron Titus called Crisis Cleanup ( to assist charitable organizations become more organized to clean up after a major disaster.
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