Be Courageous & Foster Curiosity

Acclaimed leader and author, Ben Beckhart is the guest on this episode of the podcast. Ben discusses some of the attributes of leading with character and provides some great examples from his many years in leadership roles. Ben has explored the idea of leading with character deeply and wrote a book about it for those who want to learn even more of these principles. Ben declares that the challenges we are seeing in “The Great Resignation” is a void in leadership and invites us to think more about how we can use this opportunity to step up and fill this void. To be a good leader, people need to be courageous and curious, so we discuss how those two attributes can be fostered in us and in the people around us in a way that allows them to feed on one another in a positive way. 

Ben Beckhart is a Bi-cultural, bi-lingual entrepreneurial CEO with strategic and operational leadership competencies, and experience in Consumer Product Goods industry. Ben builds and transforms businesses through brand development, distribution expansion, innovation and high performance individuals particularly in challenging market & competitive situations. He has a diverse 20+ years of Profit & Loss management experience and is motivated by a culture that emphasizes growth, competition and spirited leadership. Ben seeks to contribute growth, transformation and make a difference and has had leadership roles in Sabritos, Frito Lay, Disney, General Mills, Wm Wrigley Jr, the Hunger Project and many others spanning multiple countries. He is the current Chief Engender Officer at Beckhart Engendra. Ben has a B.S. in Economics & Finance from the Wharton School, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Ben is also the author of the book Lead with Character: Build a Better Future. Ben reminds us that people who lead with character leave a positive example that transcends beyond their sphere of influence. 


Benjamin Beckhart – Lead With Character: Build a Better Future

Benjamin Beckhart discusses Social Civility 

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