Help Others Enter This Virtuous Cycle

Thero Mitchell mentioned how his son had entered a virtuous cycle when he realized he was good at soccer, which led to him wanting to get even better so he practiced a little more and that in turn led to success in games. This success led to increased recognition of his ability which in turn invited further practice and refinement of skill which then led to even greater success. The more we allow this cycle to run its course, the better and better we become. As leaders we have the opportunity to help others enter this virtuous cycle by helping them realize their skills and talents while creating a space where they can practice more and then put those skills on display in a game type atmosphere.

I have been reading about how learning is increased when it is based upon prior knowledge of the student. We have to help the people around us grow by building upon their prior knowledge and by pointing out the positive we see in them. Thero further mentioned that in youth sports we need to focus on the positive three times to every one negative observation. As we focus on the positive in our teams, pointing out their skills/talent, creating a practice space, and then letting them shine in the big games of life; we help them enter this virtuous cycle that will lead to more success for ALL.

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