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Honor Martin Luther King Jr By Serving Others

I have included the entire speech here because too often we fail to listen to all the words of this magnificent speech and by doing so we lose some of the meaning. We still have a long way to go to realize the dream of Martin Luther King Jr., but we can make strides in making this dream a reality by serving others. As we serve others, our love for them grows and we gain a better understanding of what their hopes and dreams are. We grow more when we expand our circles and serve others from diverse backgrounds and especially as we serve others without any expectation of reward, reciprocation, or acknowledgment. There are many examples in our world of inequity and injustice, so as you look for opportunities to serve others, look for ways to to spread out the prosperity of life in a more equitable manner and for ways to tip the scales of justice more towards those who have been oppressed. In the new episode of the podcast that will be released tomorrow, Thero Mitchell shares some thoughts about how we can strengthen others.

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