Build a Better Future By Building Bridges

This episode features two members of the BYU Hawaii faculty, Ann and Scott Springer. Ann and Scott discuss how their roles at BYU Hawaii have uniquely situated them to focus more on leadership studies while helping the rising generation to grow as leaders in many different endeavors. They discuss and model the words on the sign outside the university “Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve” while looking for ways to help bridge the gaps between generations, countries, cultures, and any other place the world would create division. They discuss some of the positive attributes of Generation Z and highlight the ways we can all learn from one another. Their message exemplifies how we can expand our worldview and learn to harness the good attributes of other people. They were both successful in the private sector prior to accepting their current roles at BYU Hawaii and they show us how servant leaders look to build others up. 

Ann Springer teaches courses in marketing and communications at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. She started BYU-Hawaii’s first student-led digital marketing agency. She is the co-advisor for the BYU Management Society’s BYUH student chapter which helps over 100 students from diverse majors and countries to develop ethical leadership skills. Prior to teaching full-time, Ann has worked in business development, marketing, and public relations for two decades in both the private and public sectors. Her experience and education crosses multiple industries, including health care, corporate communications, non-profits, and leadership. She holds an MBA in healthcare management and leadership. 

Dr. Scott Springer is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership at Brigham Young University—Hawaii in Laie, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. His current research interests include leadership education, the experiences of first-time managers, and leadership communication. Prior to joining the BYU-Hawaii faculty, Dr. Springer worked for 15 years as a global director in the academic publishing industry.


Sen Sendjaya, Nathan Eva, Ivan Butar Butar, Mulyadi Robin, & Samantha Castles – SLBS-6: Validation of a Short Form of the Servant Leadership Behavior Scale 

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Elder Gerrit W. Gong – Room in the Inn 

BYU Management Society Moral & Ethical Leadership Podcast:

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