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Work Diligently to Minimize the Law of Entropy

Regan Howell, the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Monroe Energy, LLC, a refining, pipeline and terminal company headquartered near Philadelphia Pennsylvania, is the guest on this episode. Regan explains how every encounter we face each day is an chance to reinforce our organizational culture or to allow it to continue to deteriorate. Regan uses The Law of Entropy to illustrate that we must continually put energy into our organizations and our culture or they will naturally move from an organized to a disorganized state. Regan recommits to being more intentional about the way he reinforces his organizational culture as he displays one of the aspects of servant leadership, to model the way, and reminds us that focusing on serving to lead and focusing on the individuals or the ones is very important for every aspiring servant leader. 

Regan is a chemical engineer who has spent nearly 30 years working for oil companies, large and small, around the world. He is a proven leader with over thirty years of business experience, primarily in refining and fuels manufacturing.  A ‘culture hawk’ whose record demonstrates that value-based decisions lead to better business results.  Entrusted with increasing levels of responsibility and has continually demonstrated integrity; technical, business, interpersonal acumen; and teamwork skills. He feels he experiences his greatest success when part of a properly led, motivated, and rewarded team. He has a life-long fascination with leadership; both studies and practice. He is married to Jen and they have 5 children and 5 grandchildren


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