Feliz Navidad

I hope that everyone who celebrates Christmas has a wonderful day and that anyone else also has an amazing day. It has been over two months since I got to spend time with my family and the first full day together was incredible. As I soared through the sky in a hot air ballon over Teotihuacan I thought about how as servant leaders its our role to help others soar to new heights. In the most recent episode of the podcast we talked about how vital the need to respect each other is and how Jesus Christ was an immaculate example of that principle and of being a servant leader. As you go through this holiday, think about how you serve those around you, are you more of an Ebenezer Scrooge (as my daughter would say) prior to his redemption arc or are you really lifting those around you? As we move on from this holiday to others, look for ways to be champions of other people’s holidays too and if you are like Ebenezer Scrooge, now is the time to look for your redemption arc!

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