What are you doing Right Now?

Clint taught us in the most recent episode of the podcast that what we are doing right now will determine our future as a leader. I have watched him over the years and often you can find him out helping people even beyond his vocational life as a fire fighter and paramedic. One night on my way home from work, he called me to come out and meet him because he had found out about a lady who had water leaking into her house from damage caused by Hurricane Ida. This sweet lady couldn’t get anyone out to help her and we had a big rain system moving in that ended up bringing even more rain over multiple days. He called me and we rallied a group together to tarp this roof well into the night and protected her from further rain incursion. Clint has built an amazing amount of credibility with others because he is always looking to help others and build people up. We may not be able to see what our future looks like as a leader, but our daily actions is what forms our leadership future and strengthens our credibility. Through consistent effort we can remove the obstacles in our path and learn to envision beyond all the things that limit our sight, so that we can begin to see the beautiful landscape of our future leadership potential. What are you doing right now to grow as a leader and to help those around you? These choices will impact your future as a leader.

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