Weekly Challenge – Choose 1 of these 3!

What impressed me about Lucha Libre here in Mexico is how they just launch themselves at their opponents. They go soaring through the air with complete faith that they will be successful. In the same manner, think about these three options and launch yourself at one of them with the vigor and faith of a luchador! You can definitely do more than one of these challenges, but before moving on from one, make sure that you give one of these challenges your best concerted effort.

  1. Envision and/or build the wall that represent the barriers that are standing between you and something you want to achieve. Label the wall and begin to find a way to get over, around, or through that wall by focusing on one brick at a time to remove, then remove those bricks one by one.
  2. Focus on how you can serve another and then go serve someone this week.
  3. Focus on how you can be a better listener and spend the week working on hearing the complete message from the people around you.

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