Pondering my first and second mountain:

As I have been thinking about the leadership I modeled I kept going back to the reference that Lori Mage shared about David Brooks’ book The Second Mountain, so I had to find it and get started to think on this topic more deeply. I have just begun to scratch the surface on the amazing insight contained in this book but I found this quote very helpful in my reflection so I thought I would share it:

David Brooks beautifully states “The first mountain is about building up the ego and defining the self. the second mountain is about shedding the ego and losing the self. If the first mountain is about acquisition, the second mountain is about contribution. If the first mountain is elitist moving up, the second mountain is egalitarian planting yourself among those in need and walking arm in arm with them”

What a wonderful connection The Second Mountain is to Servant-Leadership. I have some more pondering to do this week on the leadership I model but thought I might pass this along to give you something to chew in during your search.

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  1. I loved this content and the podcast. The host and guest had such awesome rapport going. It got me thinking about false peaks and shadow callings in my own life. Plus, focusing on creating my own space to examine where I’m at will be something I’m doing thanks to this podcast.

    Great show! Keep it up and please provide more content! Loved it!

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